SWAN SONGS Vol. 1  # 1963 - 1967

Rare Recordings Vol.1 enthält vor allem Songs

aus der Zeit ihres ersten Albums.

Viele alternative Versionen, Demos

und unveröffentlichtes, sowie

einige rare Live - Aufnahmen.

1 Bee Gees Turn Of The Century (2nd Take)    
2 Bee Gees New York Mining Desaster 1941 (live '67)    
3 Bee Gees Cucumber Castle (live '67)    
4 Bee Gees Mrs Gillespie's Refrigerator (1st Version)    
5 Bee Gees Mr Wallor's Wailing Wall    
6 Ronnie Burns Coalman    
7 Ronnie Burns All The King's Horses    
8 Ronnie Burns Exit Stage Right    
9 Col Joye Starlight Of Love    
10 Lonnie Lee & The Leemen I'd Like To Leave If I May    
11 Jimmy Little One Road    
12 Trevor Gordon & The Bee Gees House Without Windows    
13 Trevor Gordon Little Miss Rhythm & Blues    
14 Jenny Bradley Who's Been Writing On The Wall    
15 Sandy Summers A Girl Needs To Love    
16 Anne Shelton Talk To Me    
17 Bee Gees Deeply Deeply Me    
18 Bee Gees Mrs Gillespie's Refrigerator (2nd Version)    
19 Bee Gees Turn Of The Century (4th Take)    
20 Bee Gees Holiday (Alternate Version)    
21 Bee Gees Red Chair Fade Away (Alternate Version)    
22 Bee Gees One Minute Woman (Alternate Version)    
23 Bee Gees In My Own Time (live '67)    
24 Bee Gees New York Mining Desaster 1941 (live At The BBC '67)    
25 Bee Gees Cucumber Castle (Alternate Version)    
26 Bee Gees I Close My Eyes (Alternate Version)    
27 David Garrick Spicks And Specks

SWAN SONGS Vol. 2  # 1964 - 1969

Rare Recordings Vol.2 mit interessanten

Aufnahmen aus ihrer australischen Zeit,

rare Singles B-Seiten von 1967

bis zu den Arbeiten für

 The Marbles Ende 1968.

1 Bill Shepard* Gena's Theme (Full Version)    
2 Bryan Davis* Love Or Money    
3 Bryan Davis* Watch What You Say    
4 Bryan Davis* I Just Don't Want To Be Alone    
5 Bryan Davis* I Should Have Stayed In Bed    
6 Michelle Rae Everybody's Talking    
7 Michelle Rae I Wanna Tell The World    
8 Bee Gees Turn Of The Century (1st Take)    
9 Bee Gees Barker Of The U.F.O. (Mono Version)    
10 Bee Gees Sinking Ships (Mono Version)    
11 Bee Gees Sir Geoffrey Saved The World (Mono Version)    
12 Bee Gees Ring My Bell    
13 Bee Gees Turn Of The Century (3rd Take)    
14 Adam Faith Cowman Milk Your Cow    
15 Esther & Abi Ofarim Garden Of My Home    
16 Bee Gees Another Cold & Windy Day    
17 Bee Gees Jumbo (Instrumental)    
18 Bee Gees Jumbo (Mono Version)    
19 Bee Gees And The Sun Will Shine (live)    
20 Bee Gees The Singer Sang His Song (Mono Version)    
21 Bee Gees Nobody's Someone    
22 Bee Gees Sitting In The Meadows    
23 Marbles, The* By The Light Of The Burning Candle    
24 Marbles, The* Only One Woman    
25 Marbles, The* The Walls Fell Down    
26 Marbles, The* Love You    
27 Bee Gees End Of My Song

SWAN SONGS Vol. 3  # 1968 - 1969

Rare Recordings Vol.3 nach Aufnahmedatum

chronologisch zusammengestellte Dokumentation

des Splits der Bee Gees und dem Versuch der Brüder,

Solo weiter zu arbeiten.

1 Bee Gees With All Nations    
2 David Garrick Maypole Mews    
3 Bee Gees Sun In My Morning (Mono Version)    
4 Bee Gees Tomorrow Tomorrow (Mono Version)    
5 Robin Gibb Down Came The Sun    
6 Robin Gibb Farmer Ferdinand Hudson    
7 Robin Gibb Make Believe    
8 Robin Gibb Saved By The Bell (Mono Single Version)    
9 Robin Gibb Alexandria Good Time    
10 Robin Gibb Most Of My Life    
11 Robin Gibb Mother And Jack    
12 Robin Gibb The Flag I Flew    
13 Marbles, The* Little Boy    
14 Bee Gees Who Knows What A Room Is    
15 Samantha Sang Don't Let It Happen Again    
16 Bee Gees I Lay Down And Die (Alternate Version)    
17 Bee Gees The Day Your Eyes Meet Mine    
18 Robin Gibb Give Me A Smile    
19 Robin Gibb Janice

SWAN SONGS Vol. 4  # 1969 - 1970

Rare Recodings Vol.4 Forsetzung von Vol3.

Vor allem mit Aufnahmen von Maurice und Barry Gibb,

aber auch Titeln aus


1 Robin Gibb Weekend    
2 Robin Gibb Gone Gone Gone    
3 Robin Gibb The Worst Girl In This Town    
4 Tin Tin (5) Have You Ever Heard The Word?    
5 Robin Gibb Lord Bless All    
6 Maurice Gibb I've Come Back    
7 Maurice Gibb Laughing Child    
8 Maurice Gibb She's The One You Love    
9 Maurice Gibb The Loner (Acetat Version)    
10 Maurice Gibb Insight    
11 Maurice Gibb Soldier Johnny    
12 Robin Gibb A Very Special Day    
13 Robin Gibb Sky West And Crooked    
14 Robin Gibb Great Ceasar's Ghost    
15 Barry Gibb I'll Kiss Your Memory (Mono Version)    
16 Barry Gibb I Just Wanna Take Care Of You    
17 Barry Gibb Moonlight    
18 Barry Gibb Born    
19 Barry Gibb Clyde O'Riley    
20 Barry Gibb Mando Bay

SWAN SONGS Vol. 5  # 1970

Rare Recordings Vol.5 Fortsetzung der Vol.4

Überwiegend Aufnahmen von Maurice und Barry Gibb.

1 Barry Gibb Peace In My Mind    
2 Barry Gibb Victim    
3 Robin Gibb Engines And Aeroplanes    
4 Barry Gibb One Bad Thing    
5 Barry Gibb The Day Your Eyes Meet Mine    
6 Barry Gibb What's It All About    
7 Barry Gibb Happiness    
8 Barry Gibb This Time (Mono Version)    
9 Bee Gees Every Morning Every Night    
10 Maurice Gibb Please Lock Me Away    
11 Maurice Gibb Silly Little Girl    
12 Maurice Gibb Something's Blowing    
13 Maurice Gibb Give Me Glass Of Wine    
14 Maurice Gibb Alabama (Acetat Version)    
15 Robin Gibb C'est La Vie, Au Revoir    
16 Robin Gibb Everything Is How You See Me    
17 Robin Gibb I've Been Hurt    
18 Robin Gibb Cold Be My Days

SWAN SONGS Vol. 6  # 1970

Rare Recordigs Vol.6 Fortsetzung von Vol.5

Mit den ersten Aufnahmen der Bee Gees

nach deren Split, aufgenommen

im Herbst 1970.

1 Robin Gibb Sing Slowly Sisters    
2 Robin Gibb Life    
3 Robin Gibb Irons In The Fire    
4 Robin Gibb Avalanche    
5 Robin Gibb Return To Austria    
6 Robin Gibb All's Well That Ends Well    
7 Bee Gees Distant Relationship (Early Version Of 'Sincere Relation')    
8 Bee Gees We Can Lift A Mountain (version 1)    
9 Bee Gees We Can Lift A Mountain (version 2)    
10 Bloomfields* The Loner    
11 Robin Gibb You're Going Away    
12 Barry Gibb I Can Bring Love    
13 Barry Gibb King Cathy    
14 Barry Gibb Summer Ends    
15 Bee Gees Don't Forget Me Ida    
16 Bee Gees Merrily, Merry Eyes    
17 Maurice Gibb Danny    
18 Maurice Gibb Till I Try

SWAN SONGS Vol. 7  # 1967 - 1972

Rare Recordings Vol.7 setzt den Schwerpunkt

auf die frühen 70er Jahre

plus einige Spät 60er Raritäten.

1 Maurice Gibb Journey To The Misty Mountain    
2 Bee Gees We Can Conquer The World    
3 Bee Gees If I Were The Sky    
4 Bee Gees How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Lead Vocals – Barry Gibb
5 Bee Gees Irresponsible, Unreliable, Indespensible Blues    
6 Bee Gees God's Good Grace    
7 Maurice Gibb Bein' Home    
8 Bee Gees A Lonely Violin    
9 Bee Gees Castles In The Air    
10 Bee Gees Harry's Gate    
11 Bee Gees Rocky L.A.    
12 Bee Gees Home Again Rivers    
13 Bee Gees Losers And Lovers    
14 Bee Gees It Doesn't Matter Much To Me    
15 Ian MacLeod & Lesley Gibb Give Your Best    
16 Bee Gees Give A Hand Take A Hand    
17 Bee Gees Another Cold And Windy Day (Long Version)    
18 Bee Gees Come Some Christmas Eve Or Halloween    
19 Bee Gees Let Your Heart Out    
20 Bee Gees All Around My Clock    
21 Bee Gees Gena's Theme

SWAN SONGS Vol. 8  #  1972 - 1979

Rare Recordings Vol.8 arbeitet die 70er Jahre auf.

(incl. Andy Gibb, Frankie Valli etc.)

und endet mit dem

UNICEF Concert 1979.

1 Bee Gees Where Is Your Sister    
2 Bee Gees Wouldn't I Be Someone (Single Version)    
3 Bee Gees Dear Mr. Kissinger    
4 Bee Gees Jesus In Heaven    
5 Bee Gees Life Am I Wasting Time    
6 Andy Gibb To A Girl    
7 Andy Gibb Westfield Mansions    
8 Andy Gibb Words & Music    
9 Frankie Valli Grease    
10 Network (11) Save Me, Save Me    
11 Robin Gibb Trash    
12 Robin Gibb Sesame Street Fever    
13 Bee Gees Nowhere Man (Full Version)    
14 Samantha Sang The Love Of A Woman    
15 Andy Gibb I Go For It (Muisc For UNICEF)    
16 Andy Gibb & Olivia Newton John* Rest Your Love On Me (Muisc For UNICEF)    
17 Bee Gees Too Much Heaven (Muisc For UNICEF)

SWAN SONGS Vol. 9  #  1979 - 1983

Rare Recordings Vol.9 sind späte 70er Jahre-Aufnahmen(Jimmy Ruffin)sowie Demos zu den Alben von Barbra Streisand

und Dionne Warwick pus weitere

Raritäten der frühen 80er Jahre.

1 Barry Gibb Woman In Love    
2 Barry Gibb Carried Away    
3 Barry Gibb Secrets    
4 Andy Gibb In The Morning    
5 Robin Gibb & Marcy Levy Help Me!    
6 Barry Gibb Broken Bottles    
7 Bee Gees Heart, Stop Beating In Time    
8 Barry Gibb Heartbreaker    
9 Bee Gees Heat Of The Night    
10 Barry Gibb Oceans & Rivers    
11 Barry Gibb Saying Goodbye    
12 Elaine Paige Secrets    
13 Jimmy Ruffin Hold On To My Love    
14 Jimmy Ruffin Forever Forever    
15 Jimmy Ruffin Searchin'    
16 Jimmy Ruffin Changin' Me    
17 Jimmy Ruffin Two People    
18 Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton & Barry Gibb Islands In The Stream (Fake)

SWAN SONGS Vol. 10  #  1979 - 1992

Rare Recordings Vol.10 Schwerpunkt ist hier das

Bunbury Tails Projekt,

von David English mit Eric Clapton, Elton John u.a.

Außerdem Demos zum Kenny Rogers Album

> Eyes That See In The Dark <

1 Maurice Gibb Hold Her In Your Hand    
2 Larry Gatlin & Roy Orbison Indian Summer    
3 Jimmy Ruffin Night Of Love    
4 Jimmy Ruffin & Marcy Levy Where Do I Go?    
5 Jimmy Ruffin Jealousy    
6 Jimmy Ruffin Songbird    
7 Bee Gees Bunbury Afternoon    
8 Bee Gees Fight (No Matter How Long) (Instr.)    
9 Elton John Up The Revolution    
10 No Hat Moon Seasons    
11 Kelli Wolfe Eyes    
12 Eric Clapton Fight The Good Fight    
13 Bee Gees We're The Bunburys    
14 Barry Gibb Evening Star    
15 Barry Gibb I Will Always Love You    
16 Barry Gibb Theme From 'Now Voyager'

SWAN SONGS Vol. 11  #  LIVE 1967 - 1970

Rare Recordings Vol.11 Herzstück der CD ist das Bootleg

> LIVE IN BERN 1968 <

plus Radioauftritte der Bee Gees zwischen

1967 und 1970 bei der britischen BBC. Alles live !


1   One Minute Woman    
2   In My Own Time    
3   Holiday    
4   To Love Somebody    
5   I Can't See Nobody    
6   New York Mining Disaster 1941    
7   Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You    
8   Words    
9   Gilbert Green    
10   Turn Of The Century    
11   To Love Somebody    
12   Holiday    
13a   In My Own Time    
13b   Mary-Ann    
13c   I Can't See Nobody    
13d   Strange Brew    
14   Morning Of My Life    
15   Massachusetts    
16   Spicks And Specks    
17   World    
18   Massachusetts    
19   Birdie Told Me    
20   And The Sun Will Shine    
21   Words    
22   World    
23   Alone Again    
24   Man For All Seasons

SWAN SONGS Vol. 12  #  1968 - 2003

Rare Recordings Vol.12 besondere Schmankerl dieser

Compilation sind Outtakes aus der Zeit 1970/71

in nahezu perfekter CD-Soundqualität,

aber auch Outtakes von

Robin's > How Old Are You ? < Album.

BONBON : Robin Gibb LIVE in Hamburg im Januar 2003.

1 Robin Gibb Moon Anthem (To Heaven And Back)    
2 Robin Gibb Hudson's Fallen Wind (Edit)    
3 Robin Gibb One Million Years (Original Stereo Version)    
4 Bee Gees Melody Fair (Demo)    
5 Bee Gees Ellan Vannin    
6 Bee Gees I Lay Down And Die (Alternate Stereo Version)    
7 Bee Gees Man For All Seasons    
8 Bee Gees Lonely Days    
9 Bee Gees Every Second, Every Minute    
10 Bee Gees Merrily Merry Eyes (Final Version)    
11 Bee Gees If I Were The Sky (Final Version)    
12 Bee Gees Irresponsible, Unreliable, Indispensable Blues (Final Version)    
13 Robin Gibb Human Being    
14 Robin Gibb Love Is Just A Calling Card    
15 Ronan Keating Lovers And Friends    
16 Robin Gibb To Love Somebody    
17 Robin Gibb Emotion    
18 Robin Gibb Please    
19 Robin Gibb How Deep Is Your Love    
20 Robin Gibb Love Hurts    
21 Robin Gibb Wish You Were Here

SWAN SONGS Vol. 13  # 1969 - 2003

Rare Recordings Vol.13 Höhepunkt dieser

Zusammenstellung ist ganz klar > Sensuality <

in einwandfreier Qualität.

Außerdem Aufnahmen von Maurice mit seinen Kindern

Samanthe und Adam aus dem Jahr 1998.

1 Bee Gees Everytime I See You Smile (Demo)

2 Barry Gibb It's Over (I Just Wanna Take Care Of You)

3 Barry Gibb Don't Take My Good Times Away

4 Bee Gees (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away (Demo)

5 Bee Gees City Of Angels    
6 Maurice Gibb On Time ("A Breed Apart"-Version)    
7 Barry Gibb Broken Bottles (High Quality Demo)    
8 Bee Gees Someone Belonging To Someone (Alternate Version)    
9 Bee Gees Still Waters (Demo)    
10 Bee Gees I Am The World (Stereo Mix)    
11 Maurice Gibb & Samantha Gibb Angel Of Mercy    
12 Maurice Gibb, Samantha Gibb & Adam Gibb The Bridge    
13 Bee Gees Sensuality    
14 Bee Gees Wedding Day (Angela Mix)    
15 Robin Gibb, Wanya Morris & Lance Bass Lover's Prayer    
16 Lulu & Maurice Gibb First Of May (Live)